The company Yakhnich Motorsport expands its sphere of interest and announces the launch of a new program aimed at promoting motorcycle sport in Russia and supporting young talented athletes who represent our country in a worthy manner at Russian and international competitions.

The family of Yakhnich Motorsport athletes will include Russian top-level athletes who perform in various motodisciplinary skills either personally or as part of teams, successful, enterprising and motivated, who have an active life position.

The program manager is the double champion of Russia in highway and ring races, the director of the team Yakhnich Motorsport Natalia Lyubimova : «Our program unites motorcycle racers from different disciplines, from different teams performing in Russian and foreign competitions.

We want people to feel pride in their victories, their involvement with them and support our athletes in the competitions.

During 10 years, the team of Yakhnich Motorsport hosted many Russian and foreign racers. And I’m pleased that our motor family will become even more!»

Athletes Yakhnich Motorsport will become a vivid example of the fact that Russian motorsport is developing and becoming more popular, and our athletes are recognized not only in Russia, but also at the world level!

Welcome to the program Athlete Yakhnich Motorsport!